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Where to go Skiing in Northern Arizona this Winter, pt. 1

Skiing in Arizona might sound new to you, but if you are into skiing or snowboarding, you should definitely add it to your destination list. I mean, how many people can say they have gone skiing in Arizona? This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity you won’t want to miss! We will discuss what to expect from two resorts in Arizona that we think you’ll love!

Arizona Snowbowl, Flagstaff

First on the list is Snowbowl in Flagstaff, AZ. This is one of the best ski resorts in Arizona State! They receive about 260 inches of snow on average, and contain incredible long runs (up to two miles) with lots of terrains with varying levels of difficulty. There are gentle slopes available for beginners and families who have small children in their company. As for those who are experts, you can take more challenging courses like the blue runs under the Humphreys Peak Chair or those of the Grand Canyon Express. Further, for those who are daredevils, you should try out the new lift and go to the top. As if it wasn't enough already that you are skiing on a dormant volcano! For those who are there for sight-seeing, 8-passenger gondolas are now available with breath-taking scenic views!


Located inside of the lodge, the Agassiz Restaurant & Bar is a great place for a quick lunch break! Enjoy the view of skiers outside while you warm up and plan your next run.

Places to Visit

While you're there, you should definitely drive into town and do some exploring around Flagstaff. Not only do they have great local shops for skiing and snowboarding gear, but there is so much to do! Flagstaff is a popular college town (home to Northern Arizona University) with a youthful vibe and lots of coffee shops, restaurants and bars. We recommend downtown Flagstaff for the ultimate experience.


If you are looking for an extended stay in Flagstaff, we recommend a couple of different options. Our first recommendation keeps with the snowed-in lodge theme - The Arizona Mountain Inn and Cabins. While tucked away in the pines for a more secluded feel, it is only one mile from town! For those who would like a traditional hotel experience, we suggest the Double Tree by Hilton. Located just 5 minutes from Northern Arizona University, it includes a hot tub and 24 hour fitness center for your convenience.

Learn more about Flagstaff:


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