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  • 10 Unusual Winter Activities to Try for the First Time This Year

    There is no better combination than winter season and northern Arizona, as this season blooms the best here. There is so much to do here that one can always enjoy winter. This article points out 10 winter activities you can try in Northern Arizona. These activities will make your winter season memorable. Hiking the Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon is so massive and breathtaking that you must see it with your own eyes to truly comprehend its magnitude. Many people hike the Grand Canyons specifically during the winter season because it’s much more fun and adventurous to do so at that time. There's a reason this trek is among the most popular ones: the views are breathtaking. However, there is much history to be found here. Get more information on hiking the Grand Canyon. Snowshoeing Many people love snowshoeing in the winter season. You can do so at the Arizona Nordic Village and explore the beautiful routes of the village. The trails at Arizona Nordic Village cross through several points but have clear labels. A map is available on the internet to help you plan your snowshoeing adventure. Snowbiking North Arizona is a place in the US with perfect locations to try snow biking. You can do so in the Nordic village or Flagstaff City. Many tourists experience this fun-filled activity every year. Snow bikes can be rented from the spots. This can be a long-lasting memory for you. Sledding The Flagstaff Snow Park is an excellent location to spend the day sledding, constructing snowmen, or lazing with hot chocolate and marshmallows around one of their fire pits. For a fee, you can have a wonderful time here and relish everything from small to significantly bigger hills. If you don't have your sled, you can borrow tubes. Snowballing It snows a lot in northern Arizona, for those who think that there is nothing much to be done here in winter. The San Fransisco Peaks are the highest point in Flagstaff, northern Arizona, and are known to be covered with snow during winter. You can have snowball fights with your friends or family here Ice Skating Flagstaff City has an indoor ice skating rink in the Jay Lively Ice Arena. This spot is famous for tourists and residents as people love ice skating. The cherry on top is that there are coaches who can teach how to ice skate to even a beginner who wishes to experience it. Winter Festivals Winter Festivals are a great place to visit during the winter season. These festivals are organized throughout the northern part of Arizona, but the best ones are at Flagstaff. Hot chocolate, bonfire, dance, and good music are some of the highlights of these gatherings. Winter Climbing Many people love to climb in the winter season as it is differently challenging. The Kahtoola Aghazza Uphill is a high-altitude point that is known for its hustle and bustle during winter. Many people climb it together during the season, and the best part is that it is for a noble cause, as the proceeds go to charity. Picnicking The Hoover Dam is the best spot for some me-time or a hang-out with the entire family, boating, and even fishing. Photography Contests Many people visit Sunset Crater or Antelope Canyon to take pictures of the breathtaking views in the winter because of its range, red, and purplish hues. Some organizations run photography contests that are widely popular with locals and tourists. Conclusion North Arizona is alive with many opportunities for winter activities that the tourists would like to do. If you plan to do something cool this winter, visit North Arizona.

  • Best Arizona National Parks to Visit in the Winter

    Winters in Arizona are considered one of the best times, as there is much to do here. Despite being a high desert, a common perception for North Arizona, there is so much that this part of the US can offer to tourists. Those who visit it once will keep coming back for more! Here we will share the best Arizona National Parks that can be visited during winter. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. Grand Canyon National Park, situated in Arizona, is truly remarkable to explore. The Colorado River and patterned bands of vivid geological formations chiseled this truly stunning scenery over millions of years. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and ranks among the World's Seven Natural Wonders. Furthermore, Grand Canyon is among the most popular destinations for travelers worldwide, making it one of the bustling National Parks in the United States. People who have already been to the national park highly recommend the Grand Canyon South Rim as it has more beautiful landscapes than any other part of the canyon. It is an excellent spot to begin the trek for hikers, nature lovers, and photographers. This part of the canyon is open 24 hours with restaurants, lodgings, shops, and many other facilities for hikers. In contrast, the northern part of the canyon is closed because of extreme snowfall during the winter season. Petrified Forest National Park. The park, named after its huge reserves of petrified wood, covers at least 346 square miles (900 square kilometers) and encompasses semi-desert shrub grasslands and strongly eroded and colorful flatlands. The park is open every day except for Christmas, with a seasonal schedule that varies slightly. Petrified Forest National Park's cool attractions continue beyond stone stumps. People visiting the park’s treks can see bluish clay hills and the remains of a Puebloan habitation constructed over 600 years ago. Travelers may also come face to face with tiger salamanders, prairie dogs, ornate box turtles, and other park wildlife. Wupatki and Sunset Crater National Monuments Historically, Wupatki National Monument is very significant for the people of Arizona as it has the remains of five pueblos, built using red-colored slabs, which are an identity to Arizona. The majority of the sizable pueblos at Wupatki were constructed after the violent volcanic activity of the nearby Sunset Crater volcano in 1085. The volcanic ash covered 800 acres of land, forcing momentary rescue operations in the area, and evacuating the residents. Nearby is the sunset crater which is an excellent spot to witness sunset and sunrise. People camp here, have bonfires, and enjoy other activities in Flagstaff. Walnut Canyon National Monument Walnut Canyon, including its profound, serpentine curvatures through striking white Kaibab limestone, would be a point of interest within itself, even without the innumerable cliff dwellings. The majority of the formations in Walnut Canyon can be toured via a paved one-mile trail system that devolves 55m from the rim's welcome center. The park has no outdoor activities or lodging infrastructure, but camping is open in the nearby Kaibab and Coconino national forests, and hotels abound in neighboring Flagstaff.

  • 3 Best Places to See Fall Colors this Year in Northern Arizona

    As the temperatures cool down and leaves start changing colors, Northern Arizona offers some of the best places to experience the fall season. From scenic drives to hiking trails, here are the top destinations to see fall colors in Northern Arizona. Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona Located in Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon offers stunning fall foliage and scenic views. Visitors can take a drive along the winding roads and stop at various lookout points to see the vibrant colors of the changing leaves. For a more immersive experience, hiking trails such as the West Fork Trail offer a chance to see the foliage up close. San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff The San Francisco Peaks, located near Flagstaff, offer some of the best views of fall colors in Northern Arizona. Visitors can take a scenic drive along Snowbowl Road, which offers stunning views of the golden aspen trees. Hiking trails such as the Kachina Trail and Aspen Loop Trail are also great options for those looking to explore the area on foot. Lockett Meadow, Flagstaff Lockett Meadow, located near Flagstaff, offers a beautiful display of fall colors with its golden aspen trees and vibrant underbrush. Visitors can hike the Inner Basin Trail for a more immersive experience, or take a drive along Lockett Meadow Road to see the colorful foliage from the comfort of their car. In conclusion, Northern Arizona offers some of the best destinations to see fall colors and experience the beauty of the autumn season. From scenic drives to hiking trails, visitors can explore the area and enjoy the vibrant foliage. Plan a trip to one of these destinations and immerse yourself in the stunning fall colors of Northern Arizona.

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  • Prescott Restaurant Guide

    Prescott Events MAR 5 2016 - MAR 31 2016 Inspiration to Creation: The Hidden Life Behind Bronze Prescott - Phippen Museum –featuring an amazing collection images of Western sculptors by artist and bronze specialist Erik Petersen and his professional photographer cousin, Willie Petersen, $5-7, 928-778-1385 or MAR 25 2016 Prescott's 4th Friday Art Walk Prescott – Downtown- more than 18 participating Prescott galleries keep their doors open to visitors and local alike for a night of fun, food, music and ART, 5-7 pm, APR 1 2016 - APR 30 2016 Inspiration to Creation: The Hidden Life Behind Bronze Prescott - Phippen Museum Inspiration to Creation: The Hidden Life Behind Bronze –featuring an amazing collection images of Western sculptors by artist and bronze specialist Erik Petersen and his professional photographer cousin, Willie Petersen, $5-7, 928-778-1385 or APR 9 2016 - APR 10 2016 Mata Ortiz Pottery Show and Sale Prescott - Smoki Museum Mata Ortiz Pottery Show and Sale - view hundreds of pots that range in size from tiny to super-sized, watch as the artists from Mata Ortiz create pots the way they have for hundreds of years, pots available from the artists at "direct to you" prices, all unique, one-of-a-kind, signed pottery items, featuring Lucy Mora and Lorenso Bugarini, firing of the pottery on the museum grounds, APR 15 2016 - APR 17 2016 Becoming an Outdoors Woman Prescott - Camp Friendly Pines Becoming an Outdoors Woman - Camp Friendly Pines, offers adventure and life skills, for women age 18 and older to learn to camp, fish, rappel, hike, cook with Dutch ovens, photograph wildlife & a range of outdoor recreation skills, "hawk talks" and nature hikes, $235 includes meals, lodging and classes, 480-644-0077 or APR 16 2016 - APR 17 2016 Chalk It Up! Prescott Prescott - National Bank Plaza Chalk It Up! Prescott – National Bank Plaza, “children” of all ages are invited to create pavement art, individual or group artists, live entertainment, free, 10 am – 4 pm, 928-308-9651 or APR 21 2016 - APR 24 2016 Annual Prescott Valley Days Prescott Valley - Prescott Valley Event Center carnival, parade, food, arts and crafts, live music, 928-772-8857 or APR 29 2016 - APR 30 2016 Whiskey Off Road Mountain Bike Race Prescott endurance mountain bike including technical single track, smooth fire roads and quality climbing with great views, 15-, 25- & 50-miles, at the end is a community concert, 8 am, APR 30 2016 Kaleidoscope of Color 2016 Prescott’s 17th Annual Festival of Iris Prescott - Mortimer's Nursery Prescott’s 17th Annual Festival of Iris –features an amazing variety of iris in all the colors of the rainbow, vote for your favorite iris, stunning displays of blooms and arrangements, planting and care demonstrations, hundreds of potted Iris for sale, 10 am – 3 pm, 623-980-6627 or APR 30 2016 Mike High PBR, Professional Bull Riding Prescott Valley - Prescott Valley Event Center – showcases rising stars of the PBR, riding alongside fan favorites and veterans, competitors face-off against the most famous bucking bulls, the Touring Pro Division offer bull riders the opportunity to compete in PBR sanctioned events while earning money to qualify for PBR's elite Built Ford Tough World Finals, $10 and up, 7:30pm MAY 1 2016 Whiskey Off Road Mountain Bike Race Prescott - Whiskey Off Road Mountain Bike Race - endurance mountain bike including technical single track, smooth fire roads and quality climbing with great views, 15-, 25- & 50-miles, at the end is a community concert, 8 am, MAY 1 2016 - MAY 31 2016 Inspiration to Creation: The Hidden Life Behind Bronze Prescott - Phippen Museum Inspiration to Creation: The Hidden Life Behind Bronze – featuring an amazing collection images of Western sculptors by artist and bronze specialist Erik Petersen and his professional photographer cousin, Willie Petersen, $5-7, 928-778-1385 or MAY 1 2016 - MAY 31 2016 Historic Prescott Downtown Walking Tours Prescott Historic Prescott Downtown Walking Tours – Visitor Information Center, learn a bit of Prescott's historic past and present, 90 minutes, tours are every Friday, Saturday & Sunday unless major event is downtown, 10 am, donations appreciated, 928-445-2000 or MAY 7 2016 - MAY 8 2016 30th Annual Mountain Artists Guild Fine Art & Wine Festival Prescott - Courthouse Plaza - juried art show with more than 140 artisans from throughout the West, displaying and demonstrating work in painting, ceramic, metal art, woodworking, glass, fiber and jewelry, live music, food and wine garden, free, Sat 9 am - 5 pm, Sun 9 am - 4 pm, 928-445-2510 or MAY 7 2016 3rd Annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Prescott - Park Plaza – featuring authentic Mexican entertainment Mariachis, folkloric dancers, children’s dance troupe, for dancing - a DJ with traditional and contemporary Mexican music, a popular Mexican singer, some children’s activities, water and soft drinks, 3-9 pm, MAY 13 2016 - MAY 15 2016 38th Annual YCCA Home & Garden Show Prescott Valley - Prescott Valley Event Center 38th Annual YCCA Home & Garden Show – more than 200 vendors, free, Fri & Sat 9 am – 5 pm, Sun 10 am – 3pm MAY 14 2016 38th Annual Whiskey Row Marathon Prescott- considered one of the most difficult in the U.S., panoramic views of Northern AZ, from 5,280 to 7,000 ft. in first 7 miles, also half marathon, 10K run, 2 mile fun run/walk, 6 am, 928-445-7221 or MAY 14 2016 - MAY 15 2016 Arizona Junior Rodeo Year End Finals Rodeo Prescott - saddles to year-end event winners, all-around saddles to each age group, MAY 14 2016 - MAY 15 2016 12th Annual Prescott Highland Games Prescott - Watson Lake Park Prescott Area Celtic Society, a wide array of musicians, Scottish and Highland dancing, pipe bands, British food and drink, etc, Scottish athletic competitions, genealogy tent, massed bands and march of clans, $8-16, 9 am –5 pm, MAY 27 2016 4th Friday Art Walk Prescott 4th Friday Art Walk - 15 galleries stay open late and offer food, musical entertainment, artist receptions and painting demonstrations, MAY 28 2016 - MAY 30 2016 42nd Annual Phippen Museum Western Art Show & Sale Prescott - Courthouse Plaza, premier outdoor western art show featuring more than 150 western artists from around the country, a popular "Quick Draw" & auction 2 pm Sat & Sun, daily 9 am, 928-778-1385 or MAY 28 2016 - MAY 30 2016 28th Annual Off Street Festival Prescott - Chamber of Commerce, more than 100 arts & craft vendor booths, food, fun, Sat-Sun 9 am – 5 pm, Mon 9 am – 3 pm, 928-445-2000 or JUN 1 2016 - JUN 30 2016 Inspiration to Creation: The Hidden Life Behind Bronze Prescott - Phippen Museum – featuring an amazing collection images of Western sculptors by artist and bronze specialist Erik Petersen and his professional photographer cousin, Willie Petersen, $5-7, 928-778-1385 or JUN 3 2016 - JUN 5 2016 10th Annual Chaparral MusicFest 2016Prescott Chaparral MusicFest presents educational workshops for youths-seniors and engaging performances free to the community, Youth Choral Workshop, Suzuki Academy, Percussion Academy, Composition Workshop and Chamber Music Workshop, 928-777-8663 or JUN 4 2016 - JUN 5 2016 43rd Annual Folk Arts Fair Prescott - Sharlot Hall Museum, family-friendly heritage celebrates traditional arts, crafts and entertainment of central territorial Arizona, gold panning, hands-on crafts, livestock area, sheep shearing, food, living history interpreters, antique autos, $3-7, 10 am - 5 pm, 928-445-3122 or JUN 4 2016 Woof Down Lunch Prescott - Courthouse Plaza vendors, live music, dog obedience, agility, K-9 Unit demonstrations, raffles, dog contests, kid activities, adoptable dog introductions, $20 ticket includes a BBQ lunch and choice of a handcrafted pet bowl or ten raffle tickets, 928-778-2924 or JUN 3 2016 - JUN 4 2016 Mountain Top Quilters Guild Quilt Show Prescott Valley - Prescott Valley Event Center - more than 250 quilts on display, vendors, a members’ boutique, a small quilt auction on Saturday, enjoy our Friendship Quilts challenge, appraisals available for a fee, food and beverages , free parking, $5, pieced and appliquéd Opportunity Quilt, JUN 11 2016 Quilt Show Prescott Valley - Prescott Valley Event Center -Quilt Show, items for sale such as quilts, table runners, wall hangings, placemats, potholders, and more. Benefits LVQG's Community Projects, free, 10 am – 4 pm, 928-925-3845 JUN 24 2016 4th Friday Art Walk Prescott – more than 18 galleries stay open late and offer food, musical entertainment, artist receptions and painting demonstrations, 5 pm, JUN 24 2016 - JUN 25 2016 3rd Annual Shakespeare in the Pines Prescott - Highlands Center for Natural History $60 includes appetizers catered by El Gato Azul, drinks from Black Hole Beer Company, coffee and dessert, 6:30 pm, JUN 25 2016 - JUN 26 2016 35th Annual Bluegrass Festival Prescott - Courthouse Plaza 4 top bands, jam sessions, workshops, free, Sat 10 am – 9 pm, Sun. 11 am – 3 pm, 800-266-7534 or 928-771-9827 or JUN 28 2016 - JUN 30 2016 129th Annual Prescott Frontier Days & World's Oldest Rodeo Prescott - Prescott Rodeo Grounds, 8 rodeo performances, Arizona’s largest rodeo parade, kiddie parade, arts & crafts show, food, rodeo dances, 7:30 & 1:30 pm select days, 928-445-3103 or 866-407-6336 or JUL 1 2016 - JUL 17 2016 Inspiration to Creation: The Hidden Life Behind Bronze Prescott - Phippen Museum featuring an amazing collection images of Western sculptors by artist and bronze specialist Erik Petersen and his professional photographer cousin, Willie Petersen, $5-7, 928-778-1385 or JUL 1 2016 - JUL 4 2016 129th Annual Prescott Frontier Days & World's Oldest Rodeo 8 rodeo performances, Arizona’s largest rodeo parade, kiddie parade, arts & crafts show, food, rodeo dances, 7:30 & 1:30 pm select days, 928-445-3103 or 866-407-6336 or JUL 2 2016 - JUL 4 2016 36th Annual Prescott Rodeo Days Fine Arts & Crafts Show Prescott Courthouse Plaza, a juried show featuring 150+ juried on-site artisans and crafts persons from across the Southwest, music and entertainment, Fri & Sat 9 am - 5 pm, Sun 9 am – 4 pm, 928-443-5220 or JUL 2 2016 Frontier Days Parade Prescott - Courthouse Plaza Champions - Past and Present - Courthouse Plaza, celebrate the history and heritage and the pageantry of this annual tradition, 9 am, 866-407-6336 or,

  • Travel Northern Arizona | Things to do in Page Arizona | Explore Arizona

    Horseshoe Bend Tower Butte Helicopter Tour Slot Canyons Rim Trail Grand Canyon Zion Bryce Canyon National Parks Monument Valley Rainbow Bridge Grand Staircase-Escalante The Vermillion Cliffs Hiking Biking - Map My Ride Plateau Tours - Bike the Canyon Canyoneering-Utah Outdoor Adventure Rock Climbing Lake Powell Water Skiing Jet Skiing Power Boating - Invert Sports Fishing Kayaking Paddle Boarding Helicopter Tours- Pappillion Helicopter Tours Horseback Riding- Grand Canyon Hot Air Ballooning Golfing Events Calendar ​ Lake Powell Welcome to Page, Arizona, your mecca for hiking, biking, boating and off-road adventure. Just seven miles from the watersports playground of Lake Powell, Page is your ideal base for exploring this exceptional region. Hike the striking wind and water carved beauty of Antelope Canyon. Set out on your Colorado River rafting excursion. Take in the dramatic vistas of Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam. Page stands at the center of the world renowned Grand Circle, a remarkable collection of parks, monuments, historical sites, and prehistoric Indian ruins that include may of the true geological icons of the West. Hollywood has long known of the wonders of Page, filming such features here as "Broken Arrow" and "Into the Wild”.[Read More] With almost 2,000 miles of shoreline, endless sunshine, warm water, perfect weather and some of the most spectacular scenery in the west, Lake Powell is the ultimate playground. [Read More] 190 million years ago, one of the greatest geological formations began to take shape. In the Coyote Buttes ravine, some 5,225 feet above sea level, stands Arizona's Wave Rock. Wave Rock has a remarkable undulating appearance, with massive sandstone structures stretched like taffy, and cinnamon color strata domes. It is, in a way, a geological snapshot in time, a still shot of the effect natural forces has on the environment. [Read More] Formed by millions of years of wind and water erosion, Antelope Canyon’s magnificent smooth and flowing shaped sandstone has made it one of the most famous slot canyons in the world. Located within the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo Nation in Arizona, Antelope Canyon is actually two separate canyons, the upper canyon and lower canyon. The upper canyon, which the Navajo call Tsé bighánílíní ("the place where water runs through rocks"), is a narrow passage through 120-foot-high canyon walls. The lower canyon is known as Hazdistazí ("spiral rock arches") and is a shallower V-shaped canyon that is a more difficult trek for visitors. [Source Wikipedia] Read More about Antelope Canyon Page, Arizona Antelope Canyon The Wave Dining TRIPADVISOR BEST OF PAGE DINING Things To Do Lodging SEE THE LODGING GUIDE Didn't find what you were looking for? Events Calendar Video The Best of Northern Arizona Resource Links

  • City Resources | Travel Northern Arizona, Explore Arizona

    Arizona City & County Links *Resource, Northern Arizona Counties: Apache County Alpine Eagar Greer Saint Johns Springerville Cochise County Benson Bisbee Bowie Douglas Huachuca City Pearce Sunsites Sierra Vista Tombstone Willcox Coconino County Flagstaff Fredonia Page Sedona (also Yavapai) Tuba City Williams Gila County Globe Hayden Miami Payson Pine Strawberry Winkelman Young Graham County Pima Safford Thatcher Greenlee County Clifton Duncan Morenci La Paz County Bouse Ehrenberg Parker Quartzsite Salome / Wenden Maricopa County Avondale Buckeye Carefree Cave Creek Chandler El Mirage Fountain Hills Gila Bend Gilbert Glendale Goodyear Guadalupe Litchfield Park Mesa Paradise Valley Peoria Phoenix Queen Creek Scottsdale Sun City Sun City West Sun Lakes Surprise Tempe Tolleson Tonopah Wickenburg Youngtown Mohave County Bullhead City Chloride Colorado City Dolan Springs Kingman Lake Havasu City Navajo County Heber-Overgaard Holbrook Joseph City Lakeside Overgaard Pinetop-Lakeside Show Low Snowflake Taylor Winslow Pima County Ajo Arivaca Catalina Green Valley Marana Oro Valley Sahuarita South Tucson Tucson Pinal County Apache Junction Arizona City Casa Grande Coolidge Eloy Florence Kearny Mammoth Maricopa Oracle Picacho Peak Red Rock San Manuel Superior Santa Cruz County Nogales Patagonia Rio Rico Tubac Yavapai County Ashfork Bagdad Black Canyon City Camp Verde Chino Valley Clarkdale Cottonwood Dewey-Humboldt Jerome Lake Montezuma Mayer McGuireville Peeples Valley Prescott Prescott Valley Rimrock Sedona (also Coconino) Seligman Verde Village Yarnell Yuma County San Luis Somerton Wellton Yuma Northern Arizona Cities: A Ajo - Pima County Alpine - Apache County Apache Junction - Pinal County Arivaca - Pima County Arizona City - Pinal County Ashfork - Yavapai County Avondale - Maricopa County B Bagdad - Yavapai County - Community Profile (pdf) Benson - Cochise County Bisbee - Cochise County Black Canyon City - Yavapai County Bouse - La Paz County Bowie - Cochise County Buckeye - Maricopa County Bullhead City - Mohave County C Camp Verde - Yavapai County Carefree - Maricopa County Casa Grande - Pinal County Catalina - Pima County Cave Creek - Maricopa County Chandler - Maricopa County Chino Valley - Yavapai County Chloride - Mohave County Clarkdale - Yavapai County Clifton/Morenci - Greenlee County Colorado City - Mohave County Coolidge - Pinal County Cottonwood - Yavapai County D Dewey-Humboldt - Yavapai County Dolan Springs - Mohave County Douglas - Cochise County Duncan - Greenlee County E Eagar - Apache County Ehrenberg - La Paz County El Mirage - Maricopa County Eloy - Pinal County F Flagstaff - Coconino County Florence - Pinal County Fountain Hills - Maricopa County Fredonia - Coconino County G Gila Bend - Maricopa County Gilbert - Maricopa County Glendale - Maricopa County Globe - Gila County Goodyear - Maricopa County Green Valley - Pima County Greer - Apache County Guadalupe - Maricopa County H Hayden - Gila County Heber-Overgaard - Navajo County Holbrook - Navajo County Huachuca City - Cochise County J Jerome - Yavapai County Joseph City - Navajo County K Kearny - Pinal County Kingman - Mohave County L Lake Havasu City - Mohave County Lake Montezuma/Rimrock/McGuireville - Yavapai County Lakeside - Navajo County Litchfield Park - Maricopa County M Mammoth - Pinal County Marana - Pima County Maricopa - Pinal County Mayer - Yavapai County McGuireville - Yavapai County Mesa - Maricopa County Miami - Gila County Morenci - Greenlee County N Nogales - Santa Cruz County O Oak Creek Canyon Oracle - Pinal County Oro Valley - Pima County Overgaard - Navajo County P Page - Coconino County Paradise Valley - Maricopa County Parker - La Paz County Patagonia - Santa Cruz County Payson - Gila County Pearce & Sunsite - Cochise County Peeples Valley - Yavapai County Peoria - Maricopa County Phoenix - Maricopa County Picacho/Picacho Peak/Red Rock - Pinal County Pima - Graham County Pine & Strawberry - Gila County Pinetop-Lakeside - Navajo County Prescott - Yavapai County Prescott Valley - Yavapai County Q Quartzsite - La Paz County Queen Creek - Maricopa County R Red Rock - Pinal County Rimrock - Yavapai County Rio Rico - Santa Cruz County S Safford - Graham County Sahuarita - Pima County Saint Johns - Apache County Salome & Wenden - La Paz County San Luis - Yuma County San Manuel - Pinal County Scottsdale - Maricopa County Sedona - Coconino County Seligman - Yavapai County Show Low - Navajo County Sierra Vista - Cochise County Snowflake - Navajo County Somerton - Yuma County South Tucson - Pima County Springerville - Apache County Strawberry - Gila County Sun City - Maricopa County Sun City West - Maricopa County Sun Lakes - Maricopa County Sunsites - Cochise County Superior - Pinal County Surprise - Maricopa County T Taylor - Navajo County Tempe - Maricopa County Thatcher - Graham County Tolleson - Maricopa County Tombstone - Cochise County Tonopah - Maricopa County Tuba City - Coconino County Tubac - Santa Cruz County Tucson - Pima County V Verde Village - Yavapai County W Wellton - Yuma County Wenden - La Paz County Wickenburg - Maricopa County Willcox - Cochise County Williams - Coconino County Winkelman - Gila County Winslow - Navajo County Y Yarnell Peeples Valley - Yavapai County Young - Gila County Youngtown - Maricopa County Yuma - Yuma County Prescott, Arizona Printable Map Sedona, AZ Printable Map Flagstaff, Arizona Printable Map

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