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Tranquil Getaways in Northern Arizona: The Best Resorts and Hotels

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As winter gives way to spring, Northern Arizona's High Country invites you to embrace serenity during Spring Break. Discover top-notch resorts offering unparalleled relaxation against the stunning backdrop of Arizona's natural wonders.

Nestled in Sedona's iconic red rocks, Enchantment Resort provides a secluded luxury retreat. Indulge in elegant casitas, spa treatments with a view, and exquisite dining at Che-Ah-Chi.

Experience creekside tranquility at L'Auberge de Sedona. Cottages and lodges blend luxury with nature, offering an award-winning dining experience by the water's edge.

In the heart of Sedona, Amara Resort and Spa delivers a chic retreat with contemporary design, spa rejuvenation, and stunning views of Red Rock State Park.

Classic elegance awaits at Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, surrounded by Ponderosa pine forests. Enjoy spacious rooms, on-site dining, and the tranquility of the High Country.

Indulge in the breathtaking beauty of Lake Powell. Stay at Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas for a lakeside retreat and explore the nearby wonders, including Antelope Canyon.

For a historic and charming experience, visit El Tovar Hotel near the Grand Canyon. This elegant lodge offers a unique blend of luxury and the rugged beauty of the canyon.

Elevate your Spring Break with these exceptional retreats in Northern Arizona's High Country. Whether you seek spa indulgence, outdoor adventures, or a peaceful escape, these resorts embody the essence of relaxation against the backdrop of Arizona's natural wonders. Revel in the luxury and tranquility that Northern Arizona offers.

El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon Village, historic luxury, canyon retreat, elegant lodge, unique blend, vintage charm, canyon views, boutique stay, Arizona landmark


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