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8 Fun Winter Activities to do with Your Kids

Winter is a great season as it brings winter vacations, allowing families to be together and spend quality time with each other. Known as an arid desert, North Arizona provides many opportunities to spend the winter season with your kids engaged in activities that will strengthen your bond as a family, and the kids will love them too.

This article will tell you 8 fun activities that can be done to make winters even more wonderful with the kids.

Sunsetting over the town and red rocks of Sedona.

Take your kids on a scenic Rim Tour in Sedona

The landscapes of Arizona can provide a great learning experience for the kids and a way to explore much more about the place. The scenic Rim Tour at Sedona can be one of the best things you will do with your kids this winter. Rent a jeep and put your trekking gear in it for the best time of your life. You can take kids aged 3 or above on this jeep trekking experience. The journey is scenic and comes with much educational exposure provided by the local guides, which you will meet at every spot of the drive.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park

This park in Arizona is an excellent chance for the kids to learn about animals, their diets, and their habitat. The experience is very much near to being in Africa. The park can be toured using a Safari ride which is an exhilarating experience for kids. It is 100% safe, fun, and enlightening for the kids, as this haven is home to animals like zebra, giraffe, and lions.

A group of people taking photos of a giraffe at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Cottonwood, Arizona.

Castles and Coasters in Phoenix

Phoenix is known to be one of the best holiday locations for kids in Arizona for a reason. With many attractions such as Museums, theme parks, and family resorts for kids, it is specifically bustling with tourists during the winter season. This theme park has something for every age group, which is why kids love to explore it.

The Railroad, Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon Train.

The Grand Canyon is one of the best tourist attractions in northern Arizona, as it has terrains that can be trekked for adventure. For kids, the exploration becomes safer and more fun with the railroad. This spectacular scenery and the dreamy 65-mile journey will impress you in several ways, from its interesting and enjoyable cowboy performers to its breathtaking views and sights.

The Sunset Crater

If you have kids aged 7 years and above, visiting the Sunset crater can be a profoundly soothing experience. You can take great photos there and enjoy quality time with your family. It can help you bond with your kids nicely, as the place looks best at sunset and sunrise.

Ice Skating

Winter is best spent in season-related activities. Flagstaff city is the best place to give a flavor of all winter-related adventures, such as sledding, snowballing, or ice skating. Multiple locations in the city allow the kids to enjoy all these activities.

Sonora Desert Museum

A deer standing along ancient ruins.

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is at the top of any list of the greatest family-friendly places to visit in Arizona. It provides a variety of family-friendly activities, an art gallery, a museum of natural history, a variety of flora, an aquarium, and a zoo. The museum perfectly displays all the special and magical things about the Sonoran Desert with its informative and fantastic displays.

Sea Life Arizona Aquarium

This underwater museum is filled with hundreds of fascinating creatures and offers a variety of fun displays and activities. The enchanting 360-degree ocean passageway with schools of colorful fish is the best choice for your family. The aquarium is also informative for everyone in your family.

Now, if you plan to come to Arizona during winter with your kids, do not fret, as now you know where to take them.

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