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10 Unusual Winter Activities to Try for the First Time This Year

There is no better combination than winter season and northern Arizona, as this season blooms the best here. There is so much to do here that one can always enjoy winter.

This article points out 10 winter activities you can try in Northern Arizona. These activities will make your winter season memorable.

A photo of the sun setting at the Grand Canyon which is covered in a dusting of snow. The sky is pink and orange and the red and brown canyon walls are light in a soft pink.

Hiking the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is so massive and breathtaking that you must see it with your own eyes to truly comprehend its magnitude. Many people hike the Grand Canyons specifically during the winter season because it’s much more fun and adventurous to do so at that time. There's a reason this trek is among the most popular ones: the views are breathtaking. However, there is much history to be found here. Get more information on hiking the Grand Canyon.


Many people love snowshoeing in the winter season. You can do so at the Arizona Nordic Village and explore the beautiful routes of the village. The trails at Arizona Nordic Village cross through several points but have clear labels. A map is available on the internet to help you plan your snowshoeing adventure.


North Arizona is a place in the US with perfect locations to try snow biking. You can do so in the Nordic village or Flagstaff City. Many tourists experience this fun-filled activity every year. Snow bikes can be rented from the spots. This can be a long-lasting memory for you.


The Flagstaff Snow Park is an excellent location to spend the day sledding, constructing snowmen, or lazing with hot chocolate and marshmallows around one of their fire pits. For a fee, you can have a wonderful time here and relish everything from small to significantly bigger hills. If you don't have your sled, you can borrow tubes.


It snows a lot in northern Arizona, for those who think that there is nothing much to be done here in winter. The San Fransisco Peaks are the highest point in Flagstaff, northern Arizona, and are known to be covered with snow during winter. You can have snowball fights with your friends or family here

A kid in the action of throwing a snowball at another kid with a snowman standing in the middle.

Ice Skating

Flagstaff City has an indoor ice skating rink in the Jay Lively Ice Arena. This spot is famous for tourists and residents as people love ice skating. The cherry on top is that there are coaches who can teach how to ice skate to even a beginner who wishes to experience it.

Winter Festivals

Winter Festivals are a great place to visit during the winter season. These festivals are organized throughout the northern part of Arizona, but the best ones are at Flagstaff. Hot chocolate, bonfire, dance, and good music are some of the highlights of these gatherings.

Winter Climbing

Many people love to climb in the winter season as it is differently challenging. The Kahtoola Aghazza Uphill is a high-altitude point that is known for its hustle and bustle during winter. Many people climb it together during the season, and the best part is that it is for a noble cause, as the proceeds go to charity.


The Hoover Dam is the best spot for some me-time or a hang-out with the entire family, boating, and even fishing.

Photography Contests

Many people visit Sunset Crater or Antelope Canyon to take pictures of the breathtaking views in the winter because of its range, red, and purplish hues. Some organizations run photography contests that are widely popular with locals and tourists.


North Arizona is alive with many opportunities for winter activities that the tourists would like to do. If you plan to do something cool this winter, visit North Arizona.


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