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Traveled Treasures: 5 Local Favorite Attractions

The state of Arizona is full of beautiful cities active cities but holds some of the most amazing scenic beauty. This state is full of historic sites and tourist attractions and people from every corner of the world come to visit these favorite local attractions and admire the beauty of nature. Here you will see the ten best local attractions found in Northern Arizona.

1. Sedona:

Sedona is world famous for its scenic beauty and red rock mountains and buttes. If you are planning to visit Arizona, you must visit this beautiful site. This city is in Northern Arizona which is approximately a 1.5-hour drive from Phoenix. Tourists love to enjoy the many unique and local shops, restaurants, and art galleries. There are so many outdoor activities, there seems to an activity based on anyone’s interests; from mountain biking, hiking, ATV rides and more, you are sure to find fun during your stay.

2. Grand Canyon:

The Grand Canyon is a national treasure that attracts millions of visitors a year. Witness the colorful rock formations which reveals millions of years of geological history from the South Rim. The Skywalk Bridge itself has a glass walkway and is the center of attraction for most tourists. The afternoon and evening sun is an ideal time to illustrate the sunset views with orange, red, and yellow hues and makes it a sight one should not miss.

3. Hoover Dam:

The Hoover Dam is a massive 660 feet thick structure that tames the Colorado River and is on the border between Arizona and Nevada. This dam generates enough hydroelectric power to serve over 1.3 million people per year. As a world-renowned structure, visitors are able to tour the dam and powerplant where you are able to walk through tunnels of the dam itself.

4. Monument Valley:

Monument Valley is a favorite local tourist attraction in Northern Arizona. On the Arizona-Utah border, the sandstone buttes of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park are a beautiful sight. The great part about this attraction is you can view the sights during a 17-mile drive along with several overlooks like John Ford’s Point.

5. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area:

Glen Canyon is a stunning place to enjoy the beautiful scenic and geological wonders. With these 1.25 million acres, there are numerous water-based and backcountry recreation between Arizona and Utah. A fan favorite is Lake Powell, which is the second largest human-made lake in the United States and is one of the premier boating destinations in the world.


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