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Top 5 Best Weekend Getaways For Couples

There is nothing more special than being with the person you love and creating memories you will cherish for a lifetime. A romantic gateway can be a great way for you and your partner to reconnect. Here are 5 locations that you can visit in Central and Northern Arizona with your partner for a weekend getaway.

Amara Resort and Spa

Newly renovated Amara Resort and Spa brings a new and sophisticated lodge aesthetic to the entire vicinity. Equipped with the SaltRock Southwest Kitchen, spa & fitness center, and a zero-edge infinity pool, this resort is an amazing getaway vacation for couples. As a scenic red rock resort, visitors are still able to enjoy close by entertainment, nightlife, shopping, attractions and dining.

Enchantment Resort: Your one-stop for adventure

As the name suggests, it is a beautiful and luxurious, enchanted resort between the red rocks of Sedona. The beautiful resort is a perfect place for a romantic getaway for you and your partner. The resort is situated at the base of Boynton Canyon Blends and is spread on 70 acres. You can go on a hiking trail, enjoy Sedona's beautiful view, mountain biking, and make good use of the spa facilities at the resort.

Sunset Chateau:

The private Sedona Chateau is nestled on a gorgeous hillside with panoramic views of Sedona’s world-famous red rocks. The Chateau's modern design with luxury suites are perfect for a quick weekend trip to explore Sedona. Unwind and enjoy the spectacular view of Sedona while enjoying our lush gardens, salt-water pool and jacuzzi. Explore each other's world by booking the Sunset Chateau place this weekend.

Chateau Belle

If you are tired of cities and feel like your partner and you are drowned in the work-life, now is your chance to reset on a priceless getaway. The tranquil environment and charming castle architecture of Chateau Belle feel straight out of a fairytale. The rooms are well decorated with fine details that you and your partner will love. Explore Canyon Creek and its surroundings all weekend long end enjoy couple activities in the area.

Travel to Oak Creek Canyon Cabin

Oak Creek Canyon Cabins are known for their elegant architecture and breathtaking interior decoration. You can experience scenic forest hikes from your front window. The minimum stay at the Oak Creek Canyon Cabin is at least three days, making it a perfect extended vacation. If you and your partner enjoy tranquility and peace, this is where you should be. The cabins are situated in a close-knit community making them affordable and give you an edge to be at the center of Oak Creek Canyon spots.

A quick weekend getaway is just what a couple needs to relax, refresh and refocus. These five quick getaway spots in Northern Arizona will spark the romance between you and your partner. You can get anything you’re looking for from this trip, from hiking to spa facilities, making it memorable for you and your significant other


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