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3 Best Places to See Fall Colors this Year in Northern Arizona

As the temperatures cool down and leaves start changing colors, Northern Arizona offers some of the best places to experience the fall season. From scenic drives to hiking trails, here are the top destinations to see fall colors in Northern Arizona.

Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona

Yellow leaves on a tree changing colors in Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona.

Located in Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon offers stunning fall foliage and scenic views. Visitors can take a drive along the winding roads and stop at various lookout points to see the vibrant colors of the changing leaves. For a more immersive experience, hiking trails such as the West Fork Trail offer a chance to see the foliage up close.

San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff

Panoramic view of the San Francisco Peaks and green and yellow trees changing colors for fall.

The San Francisco Peaks, located near Flagstaff, offer some of the best views of fall colors in Northern Arizona. Visitors can take a scenic drive along Snowbowl Road, which offers stunning views of the golden aspen trees. Hiking trails such as the Kachina Trail and Aspen Loop Trail are also great options for those looking to explore the area on foot.

Lockett Meadow, Flagstaff

Lockett Meadow, an aspen forest with yellow leaves in the fall.

Lockett Meadow, located near Flagstaff, offers a beautiful display of fall colors with its golden aspen trees and vibrant underbrush. Visitors can hike the Inner Basin Trail for a more immersive experience, or take a drive along Lockett Meadow Road to see the colorful foliage from the comfort of their car.

In conclusion, Northern Arizona offers some of the best destinations to see fall colors and experience the beauty of the autumn season. From scenic drives to hiking trails, visitors can explore the area and enjoy the vibrant foliage. Plan a trip to one of these destinations and immerse yourself in the stunning fall colors of Northern Arizona.


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