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A Winter Wonderland: 5 Things to do in Flagstaff this Winter

The winter season comes with fun-loving activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and many others. If you want to enjoy the winter season in Northern Arizona, the following winter activities are full of fun and adventure in Flagstaff. You can enjoy the scenic beauty in Arizona along with winter recreations.

1. Skiing in Arizona Snowbowl:

Arizona Snowbowl is the perfect spot for skiing and snowboarding. There are a total of three different terrain parks to accommodate all skill levels. For the first timers there is Hart Prairie State Park which is perfect for everyone in the family looking to improve their skills. Then there is Round Up Rail Garden where guests can show off their skills on small and medium rails. Lastly, the Sunset Terrain Park for the expert and freestyler to take on jumps, rails, and custom features. If you want to enjoy the winter season in Arizona, then this place is highly recommended.

2. Extreme Adventures in Flagstaff:

As Arizona’s only adventure and zip line course, Flagstaff Extreme Adventures Course is a great recreational activity for visitors of all ages! If you are looking for something daring, you must try this exciting winter activity! The Extreme Adventure Course offers courses for kids (7 – 11) and adults, which can make this an amazing family fun day! Obstacle courses provide various challenges such as scrambling walls, rope swings, shaky bridges and even zip lines.

*A 30-minute safety session is given to the participants before performing this activity.

3. Hiking at Walnut Canyon National Monument:

The Walnut Canyon National Monument located on the east of Flagstaff is the ideal for location for hiking, recreation, and sightseeing. This place has great cultural and historical importance. Hikers can see the antique homes and ancient carvings on the cliffs during hiking. This trail seems strenuous for some travelers, but it is full of historic places. You can enjoy hiking with the help of stairs along with handrails. The ruins are visible at the site, and you can also see the pine trees and fir trees in the surrounding area.

4. Sledding at Oak Hill Snow Play Area:

With winter comes snow in Northern Arizona, and one of the best family fun activities to enjoy, is sledding at Oak Hill Snow Play Area. The area is located on the site of an old alpine ski area that was operated during the 1950s. Oak Hill has two sled runs for you and the family to enjoy; one is long and steep while the other is shorter and easier for beginners.

5. Snowshoeing Through the Pines

Flagstaff has been an amazing snowshoeing spot for visitors as areas will take you through pine forests, up and round mountains and through meadows. A staple location would Arizona Nordic Village which is just north of downtown Flagstaff. This trail is great for first timers as they are groomed and trampled on quite frequently to make hiking easier. For the skilled snowshoer, then there is Humphrey’s Peak. As the highest point in Arizona, at 12,635’ at its summit, this is the perfect challenge for the experts!


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