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5 Quick Trips To Take In A Day

A quick trip in Northern Arizona should be on the top of your summer to-do list! Central and Northern Arizona is famous for their tourism spots, especially during the Summer months. If you are going on a day trip in Arizona, we recommend visiting the following places. All these places are very entertaining, and you will love the ambiance and overall environment there.


Sedona fits the definition of a perfect one-day trip destination. Sedona has it all for you, from the scenic driveway to thrilling hiking trails. If you want to enjoy great food, then visit the Village of Oak Creek, located the South of Sedona. The area serves the most delicious food in Arizona and is known as the hub of restaurants. If you are looking for a hiking, biking, and golfing experience, we suggest you travel the 7.5-mile Red Rock Scenic Byway. Another fun adventure is driving to the Airport Mesa viewpoint where you can experience the best sunset view. If you do not like hiking, we recommend having a shopping spree at the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, which offers several shoppable items that you will not find anywhere else in the state.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a world-famous tourist site. Visit the national museum and historic buildings present in the national park. This will give you an overview of the area and its amazing history. Afterward, the Grand Rim Adventure will let you hike with a tour guide that will inform you about canyon’s history. Another must-visit place is Desert View, a watchtower made by Native Americans that is dedicated to Pablo Indians and demonstrates their rich historical background. Another option is take a bike tour that lets you explore Grand Canyon and its beauty.


Jerome is a Central Arizona city known to be a copper mining town. You’ll experience a scenic drive no matter the route you take to the town. It is a history-rich town with a lot of visitor friendly areas. We would highly suggest visiting Jerome Historic State Park as it has a multitude of tourist attractions. The park is the rambling adobe mansion filled with artifacts, momentous photographs, minerals, and memorabilia. Jerome also has a famous mine museum that contains relics of household goods, gambling paraphernalia, saloon equipment, and much more.

Cabins at AZ Nordic village

You can stay in a yurt at Nordic Village. The area is situated north of Flagstaff and is the perfect outdoor recreation spot for one-day trippers. The area is present at 8,000 ft. elevation from Grand Canyon and Flagstaff, where you can rent rustic cabins and yurts all year long. It is a perfect summertime visiting place where you can enjoy the Red Mountain trail, Arizona Snowball, Lava River Cave, Arizona National Scenic Trail, and many more.

The Geekery

The Geekery in Flagstaff is a picture-perfect one-day trip spot for families and game enthusiasts. You can find all sorts of board games in the Geekery. The spacious areas allow casual gamers to indulge in exciting and adventure-filled board games with friends, families, and strangers safely. Dot worry about the refreshment, as the management of the Geekery, offers multiple food items throughout your stay in the area. You can also purchase the games you like from The Geekery.

Quick one-day trips are the best as they let you have adventure and fun at the spur of the moment. These trips allow you to detoxify your stress-filled life while giving you the opportunity to venture out to somewhere new!


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