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Wine tours in Verde Valley

Wine tours are in the top three things to do when it comes to Central Arizona. You will be amazed by the number of available vineyard tours in the Verde Valley alone. If you plan to visit Arizona any time soon, read further and learn ways to make your next trip completely amazing and highly memorable.

The wineries in Verde Valley have won several awards for their top-notch services and tasting rooms. You can either go for the wine tasting alone or visit the area for a family getaway. Winemakers in Sedona and the surrounding area take their business very seriously. Here are seven wine trails that you should visit while traveling to Sedona and Verde Valley.

Arizona Stronghold

The wine available in this tasting room is unique and marvelous for several reasons. In fact, according to the owners, the Stronghold wine is not available anywhere else and is only available at their winery. Eat excellent cheese, sip their fine wine on their patio and enjoy life.

Learn more about this exclusive winery on their website.

Alcantara Vineyard

The vineyard boasts more than 20,000 vines and seventeen different varietals. Alcantara offers two types of tastings to the visitors; the first one allows five tastings of your choice. The second is a VIP tasting experience, where you will receive a souvenir glass in addition to five tastings. The winery is perfect for people seeking comfort in nature with the Verde River background and grass picnic areas around the vineyard.

Book yourself an amazing tasting experience here.

Pillsbury Wine Company

Pillsbury stand firm on their grounds when it comes to manmade wine. Every winemaking process here is intentional, even when it comes to weeding by workforce instead of sprays. You can book the Cottonwood Tasting Room for a more private experience.

Discover more about this sustainable winery here.

Tantrum Wines

This winery is a female-led venture with an interesting background story. The vineyard's founder stands firm on the ground and says that the wine reflects the moods of women who roam about with a purpose. The wine tasting is retro inspired with a fun twist. According to my observation, it is a must-visit wine trail.

Explore a new wine in a retro feel winery!

Winery 101

A vineyard ran by a devoted family, Winery 101, is another great place for visitors. On a given day, the owner and his family serve the visitors with some top-notch wine. The atmosphere is very homely, and each tasting contains red, white, and sweet wine. Do visit this winery if you feel homesick and want to taste some of the best wine in the country.

Feel like you're with family at Winery 101.

Burning Tree Cellars

It is one of the most loved and historic wineries in Cottonwood. The vineyard has a history of serving high-aesthetic customers throughout the world. Their boutique wines are loved by the visitors, and their taste is highly exotic.

Discover your new favorite boutique wine at Burning Tree Cellars here.

Javelina Leap Winery

This vineyard contains the most extensive range of wines. The vineyard also offers the best food combinations for food lovers. The place is perfect for people who love old school wineries and man-mad wines. So, whenever you visit Arizona, keep this place on your checklist.

Find out more about this local winery here.

Having a day at the vineyard is a perfect way to spend some time alone or with the spouse. If you ever travel to Northern Arizona, do not forget to visit the wine trails in Verde Valley. The ambiance, along with a vast variety of wine, will prove to be a perfect getaway for you and your better half. Learn more at


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