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Where to go Skiing in Northern Arizona this Winter, part 2

Skiing in Arizona might sound new to you, but if you are into skiing or snowboarding, you should definitely add it to your destination list. I mean, how many people can say they have gone skiing in Arizona? This is a one-of-a-kind and fun opportunity you won’t want to miss! We will discuss what to expect from two resorts in Arizona that we think you’ll love!

Sunrise Park Resort

With a base elevation of 9,200 feet and a and a top elevation of 11,100 feet spread across 3 peaks, Sunrise Park Resort holds the unique title of largest ski resort in Arizona. It is located high up in Arizona's White Mountains and has a whopping 69 runs with varying levels of difficulty. The 3 mountains include:

  • Cyclone Peak

  • Sunrise Peak

  • Apache Peak

With each location exhibiting something different, this is an experience you won't forget! We recommend making a vacation out of it and staying a few days to make the most out of your experience. Nearby Towns and Places to Stay The closest nearby town, Greer, AZ, has many incredible lodge and cabin options for those who plan to stay overnight and get the full winter experience! This includes the Snowy Mountain Lodge, The Greer Peaks Lodge, and the Greer Lodge Resort and Cabins to name a few. Greer is just under 30 min away when traveling by car and has many incredible options for those who love the outdoors! Another nearby town, though a bit further, would be Pinetop-Lakeside. We recommend going to Charlie Clark's steakhouse if you want to eat like a local! Both towns have incredible views and will offer the perfect experience for skiing, snowboarding or sledding this winter!

More on Greer, AZ:


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