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5 Places to Visit this Fall in Central and Northern Arizona

Although Arizona is believed to be very hot across the state, certain regions have perfect weather for the Fall season. If you like to travel in the Fall and Winter seasons, book the resorts early as the below-mentioned areas see many tourists.

The Arboretum in Flagstaff.

Situated in the Coconino National Forest, the Arboretum is a unique destination for visitors. Specializing in plants native to the Colorado Plateau and Northern Arizona, the Arb is home to 750 species of plants. The natural habitats, horticultural collections and rare plant specimens are located on 200 acres of land. As the leaves begin to change color during Fall, this is the ideal place to visit.

Plan your visit to the Arb here.

Sunset Crater.

The cinder cone-like shape of the volcano erupted over 1,000 years ago. Over the years, the volcano erupted red and yellow ashes resulting in the colorful reddish glow that led to its name, Sunset Crater. Only 15 miles north of Flagstaff, it is relatively easier to walk through lava fields formed by the volcano when it comes to trails. With an elevation of 8,028 feet and 3,040 acres, there is a lot for tourists to explore.

Explore the greatness of Sunset Crater Volcano here.

Navajo Nation.

Navajo Nation covers about 27,000 sq miles in northeastern Arizona. The area contains major tourist attractions, including villages, historic trading posts, tribal parks, and national monuments. Take one of the hiking tours of its Monument Valley Tribal Park, Rainbow Bridge, Church Rock Pyramid, and Window Rock. If you are a Fall lover, the Navajo Nation is a perfect place to visit due to its picturesque views. As the Autumn weather is unpredictable, make sure to layer yourself up with proper apparel.

Discover all you can do within Navajo Nation.

Lake Powell.

Lake Powell is a perfect place for people who like the Fall season. For an ultimately relaxed vacation, paddle through Lake Powell. The area is only 20 miles from the Antelope Canyon and is a popular boating, hiking, and climbing. For the people who love adventure, you can also rent kayaks and paddle around the base of Horseshoe Bend.

Find out more about Lake Powell by visiting our website.

Ghost Hunting in Jerome.

Jerome is located atop Cleopatra Hill between Sedona and Prescott. The area is famous for the paranormal experience that local people have reported. As Fall is Halloween time, arrange the trip with your family or friends, visit the town of attractions, and discover the paranormal aspects of Arizona.

Discover the mystery that is Jerome here.


Both Central and Northern Arizona attract tourists worldwide due to its picturesque land and friendly people. Even if you think Arizona is a hotter state, the temperature becomes ideal for people in the Fall months. For more information about northern Arizona attractions, visit


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