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2 Days in Sedona

Sedona, a desert town in Arizona is quite famous for its amazing arts community, climate, pine forests and much more. Planning a quick two-day break this upcoming fall or winter? Check out some of the following popular destinations that will make your trip much more memorable.

1. Visit the Hudson restaurant and dine with an amazing view

Some restaurants offer a view while some offer some good food. The Hudson offers both. You can enjoy some fine wine with those amazing pork tacos while watching the captivating red rock formations. With winter approaching, be sure to layer up so you can sit outside and enjoy everything this location has to offer.

2. Rent a bike and go on a mountain biking trail

Want to ramp up your fitness levels? Moving to Sedona might just help you. Just rent a bike from any of the numerous shops across the town and go and experience the amazing red rock landscapes. Every part of the trails boasts of incredible landscapes and astounding scenic beauties. And don’t worry, there are trails for all types of people ranging from a novice to a professional!

3. Visit the Museum of North Arizona and get a taste of the culture of the region

In case you want to fuel your archaic passion, you can head over to the museum and get a thorough insight into the lives of the Hopi tribe through their contemporary arts and crafts. You explore the museum’s geology gallery to get acquainted with the Colorado Plateau formations and the accompanying flora and fauna.

4. Visit Cathedral Rock and hike to the top of the rock formation

Cathedral Rock is the most photographed destination in Sedona and why wouldn’t it be ? Climbing the sandstone butte will definitely treat you with a view to remember. Although the climate is pleasant during the Fall, don’t forget to bring sunscreen and water!

5. Visit the art gallery of Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village on the first Friday of every month

If you are visiting Sedona on the first Friday of the month, you’re lucky. On this day, the galleries open doors to artists from all spheres of life so that they can discuss and contemplate about their pieces and concepts. Enjoy light refreshments while speaking with artists and learning about their art.

In case you miss the Friday morning talk, you can always visit the clothes and crafts stores of the village set against the Mexican backdrop. The city is also quite reminiscent of the yesteryears with old school vine-covered buildings, courtyard fountains and majestic archways.

6. Visit the Amitabha Stupa and get lost in the tranquil beauty of the peace park

If spirituality attracts you, this is the place to be. The 36-feet Stupa is surrounded by juniper trees and prayer flags along with distant mountains. The orange hue is quite unique and gives the place its own charm - the perfect place to meditate and forget about your life’s problems.

7. Visit Uptown Sedona where you would be spoiled with boutique and bar choices

Uptown Sedona is an old town filled with different boutiques and bars. You will also find arts and crafts, jewelry and also some fine dining restaurants here. If Jeep tours fascinate you, this is where you can rent one and cruise across town.

8. Visit the massive Red Rock State Park and experience the rich flora and fauna

The massive 286-acre park not only gives you an in-depth view of the flowers and wildlife of the place, but also prepares you for a hiking adventure. You can climb the hilltop to visit the 1947-built House of Apache Fire which boasts itself of a spectacular view. An ornithologist or a birdwatcher might find this place quite interesting due to the various avian visitors that flock this park every now and then.

Looking for a place to stay in Sedona?

Consider the Arroyo Pinion Hotel, located in West Sedona. Complete with custom furnishings, branded bed covers, a Starbucks coffee and all the basic amenities, this hotel will not disappoint.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and plan your visit to Sedona!

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