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Rediscover Road Trips- 5 Best Scenic Routes in Northern Arizona

Travelers can enjoy the scenic beauty of Arizona on a classic road trip. The breathtaking views of the northern part of Arizona are the main attractions for visitors. If you plan to drive through this beautiful state, you must visit the following gorgeous locations in Northern Arizona.

1. Vermillion Cliffs Scenic Road:

The Vermillion Cliffs Scenic Highway is popularly known as Fredonia-Vermillion Cliffs Scenic Road. It is a 92-mile highway with views of amazing towering cliffs and stretches from Kanab, Utah to Bitter Springs, Arizona. While traveling you will also travel through the Kaibab National Forest. The views change from desert to juniper, oak and aspen trees and the blue-green water of the Colorado River that cut through the marble canyon.

2. Oak Creek Canyon Road:

This road is a well-known shortcut road for the people traveling between Sedona and Flagstaff. Travelers will start their road trip with the red rocks found in Sedona and admire the sceneries of pine-fir forests. The best time to enjoy this trip is the summertime with the warm weather and to enjoy nature to its fullest. It would be best to stop at Slide Rock State Park during your journey, which is a famous swimming spot for travelers and locals. If you are interested in hiking during your journey, then West Fork Oak Creek Trail is the best place for hiking in Arizona.

3. North Rim National Scenic Byway:

If you are going for a road trip to view the scenic beauty of Northern Arizona, then you must visit the North Rim because this site is stunning. The North Rim is located on State Route 67. Make sure you plan your journey before the winter season because you will find this road closed during the snowy months. The ideal time to have an adventurous road trip is the summer season. During a road trip, you will be amazed to see the beautiful attractions of Kaibab plateaus, meadows, and forests. You will admire the beauty of nature once you travel through this beautiful site.

4. Painted Desert and Petrified Forest Route 66:

If you want to see the beauty of that Arizona has to offer, the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert is the ideal place for you. You will also see a collection of petrified wood during the journey. The landscape of the Petrified Forest encompasses the colors of the rainbow, and this place is often less crowded, which means that you can enjoy your drive the way you want. The site of Newspaper Rock is stunning. You will see crystal forest trail logs containing crystals in the Petrified Forest. This is an amazing location to add to your road trip.

5. Monument Valley Scenic Road:

The scenic beauty of Monument Valley is an ideal place for travelers, and it provides them an ideal setting for photography enriched with Native American culture. This tourist spot can often be seen in movies and advertisements due to its beauty. Travelers will see the village of Mexican Hat along the north of Monument Valley. Once you enter the Mexican Hat, you will cross the San Juan River on the historic suspension bridge. The entire journey is a 2 hours drive that allows you to record the beauty of nature.


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