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Hidden Beauties: Top 10 Destinations Off The Beaten Path

Arizona is so much more than its dry climate, desserts, and cactuses. The state's northern area is filled with beautiful sites that attract tourists from all over the world. This article will talk about ten hidden destinations in Northern Arizona that will make you fall in love with the area.

Secret Canyon:

As an alternative to Antelope Canyon, Secret Canyon (or Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon) is a less crowded tourist attraction. Secret Canyon is a part of the larger Water Holes Canyon and features smooth curves, slim passageways, and orange hues of the sandstone. In order to visit this location, a guided tour is required for the safety of visitors.

Sycamore Falls:

Sycamore Falls is a hidden beauty near Williams. One of the best kept secrets in Northern Arizona, Sycamore Falls can be reached by car on the upper head of Sycamore Canyon. Visit during the spring or summer or early fall as it allows you to cherish the secluded and unobstructed view of this beauty.

Canyon De Chelly

Canyon De Chelly is located in Chinle and is entirely on Navajo tribal lands with families living in the canyon. Both nature and history lovers adore the area as it allows people to enjoy the landscape as it preserves ruins of the indigenous tribes that lived in the area. To tour the area, visitors must be accompanied by a park ranger or an authorized Navajo guide.

Havasupai Falls:

Havasupai Falls has spectacular waterfalls and the isolated community within the Havasupai Indian Reservation. It is an extremely secluded area making it difficult to reach unless well planned. You need a reservation before going as it is a 10-mile hike to the falls from the upper region of the canyon.

Sunset Crater National Monument:

Long ago the Sunset Crater Volcano erupted and changed the landscape around it forever. As plants and animals returned over hundreds of years following the eruption, so have visitors to the area. This a great destination as visitors can see natures response to a volcanic eruption. Guests can enjoy hiking, Ponderosa Pines scenery and a lot of wildlife.

Caverns Grotto:

If you are planning to visit Grand Canyon this summer but want to get a little out of the trip, this is the place for you to be. Caverns Grotto is located 200 feet underground in a 345-million-year-old cave. Enjoy cavern tours, inns, and restaurants, allowing you to stay overnight.

Woods Canyon Lake:

Woods canyon lake is perfect for people who like hiking, fishing, camping, and adventures. It is located about 30 miles east of Payson and is much less busy than lakes situated in Prescott. Near the lake, you will find Rim Lakes Vista Trail, which takes you to Mogollon Rim's breathtaking views.

Goldfield Ghost Town:

Explore the Goldfield Ghost Town that is not too far from Apache Junction. The area offers activities hikes and lake views, along with gorgeous mountain views. You can also visit Gold Mine and Goldfield Museum in the region, making adults and children equally happy. Not many people know about it, making it a hidden gem for visitors.

White Mountains:

The White Mountains are located near the border of New Mexico. It offers picturesque views of Mount Baldy, various creeks and lakes, and canyons. Desserts can get hot in the summer months; therefore, the White Mountains are a hot season retreat. For a more homely experience, visit the small towns of White mountains like Springerville and Greer.

Watson Lake

Travel to Watson Lake in Prescott if you want to immerse yourself in the scenic views. We are sure you haven't visited any lake more beautiful than this one. The still water and bold granite rock background can take the breath away of visitors with its beauty. Watson Lake allows visitors to hike, canoe, and even kayak in the lake. Besides that, the lake is also an attraction for hikers who want to hike granite cliffs.

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