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5 Family-Friendly Summer Activities In Arizona

Do you want to explore some family-friendly activities in Northern Arizona this Summer? We have got you covered! Northern Arizona is a great place to spend Summer as there is a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities for visitors. As temperatures are cooler North of Phoenix, it’s a great little escape from the heat for you and the family. Here are the 5 family-friendly summer activities to do in Northern or Central Arizona this Summer.

Morning Hiking:

Early morning hiking is one of the great summer outdoor activities that you can enjoy in Northern Arizona. Areas like Sedona offer a surprising number of hiking trails with beautiful red rock mountains as a backdrop. Keep in mind that during the Summer you may be exposed to the sun and heat during peak hours. We suggest hiking earlier in the morning or early evening as it will be the safest way to avoid the hazards of a summer heat wave. For additional safety, if you are new to the area, we recommend you hire a professional hiking guide to help you navigate through the trails.

Mountain Biking:

If you want to experience a unique adventure, evening mountain biking is a great idea to consider. As temperatures are low as the sun sets during Summer, you can go for a nighttime mountain bike riding safely without the dangers of the Summer heat. You can find some epic mountain bike trails in Northern Arizona, such as Hangover Trail in Sedona or Schultz Creek Trail in Flagstaff.

Kayaking At Verde River:

If you are a diehard fan of kayaking, then the Verde River is the ideal place for you kayaking adventures this Summer. Verde River is an excellent place to cope with the hot Arizona temperatures. Unlike other places, the Verde River is a less crowded place where you can peacefully enjoy and relax. If you are planning a visit to the Verde River for kayaking, make sure you have all the safety equipment, such as a life jacket and a kayaking partner.

Spa & Pool Access at Resorts:

We all know that Central and Northern Arizona is home to many beautiful outdoor attractions, but you will also find a lot of wellness retreats and resorts. To decompress, you can enjoy spas and pools at the resorts. After participating in outdoor adventures will surely make your body tired and these spas and resorts will be the ideal option for you to relax. The most well-known wellness retreats and resorts located in Central and Northern Arizona to travel to this Summer are:

· Amara Resort & Spa

· Adobe Grand Villas

· Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock

· Enchantment Resort

Water & Amusement Parks

With the soaring temperatures above 100 degrees, Arizona is home to some Arizona Grand Resort & Spa fantastic water and amusement parks. If you want to keep your body cool and fill some excitement for your Summer trip, these water and amusement parks will be the most excellent option for you. Some of the most popular parks in Central and Northern Arizona include Sunset Park, Slide Rock State Park, and the Flagstaff Aquaplex.

Plan for a perfect family-friendly trip this Summer with indoor and outdoor activities in Northern and Central Arizona. There are a lot of beautiful places to explore and perform outdoor adventures during summer. We wish you all the best for your upcoming summer trip!


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