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5 Amazing Things To Do In Page AZ

I am sure you have seen countless pictures on every social media platform of the famous Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. The majestic wavey walls of Antelope Canyon and the glowing sunrises and sunset pictures of Horseshoe Bend are truly captivating. It is a place you need to see with your own eyes. I was unfortunately under the weather with the flu (not contagious at that point). After exploring around, I knew I had to write about things to do in Page AZ. Even with my struggles of sickness, Page was a relatively easy and fun experience; one that I recommend for people of all ages and sizes. So please read on for 5 amazing things to do in Page AZ.

The Closest Airport to Page AZ

There are five airports I recommend flying into to get to Page, Arizona.

  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX): The drive is 4 hours and 17 minutes. A cheaper option since it is an international airport.

  • Directions from McCarran International Airport (LAS): The drive is 4 hours and 32 minutes. A cheaper option since it is an international airport.

  • Salt Lake City International Airport: The drive is 6 hours. A cheaper option since it is an international airport.

  • Flagstaff Pulliam Airport: The drive is 2 hours and 12 minutes. It can be costly since it is a small airport.

  • Page Municipal Airport: The airport is located within the city. It can be costly since it is a small airport.

Things To Do In Page AZ: Lower Antelope Canyon

Note: Make sure to book a tour as soon as you know you are going to Page. The tours can fill up quickly. When you book the tour, you do not pay at checkout. You pay when you arrive at your tour.

Lower Antelope Canyon was our first stop in Page, Arizona. It was also my favorite part of Page. I had read multiple articles on lower and upper canyons, but I wasn’t really sure which canyon I wanted to do. In the end, we chose to see both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. I was curious which canyon I would prefer.

When I booked the tour at Ken’s Tours, I picked the last time slot of the day. Booking the last tour was a great decision because our tour only consisted of me, my husband, another couple and the tour guide. There were numerous times it felt as if we had the canyon all to our ourselves.

To get to lower canyons, I literally had to lower myself into the canyons with ladders. I was a bit scared while doing it because I am afraid of heights (even though I used to be a rock climber; I know I am crazy). But in the end, it was doable and we got down into this magical place.

The main difference between Lower and Upper Antelope Canyons are how the canyons are shaped. Lower Antelope Canyon is open at the top, letting more light in, and narrower at the bottom. Upper Antelope Canyon is more closed at the top, making the canyon much darker but light still does sneak through.

I loved the colors of Lower Antelope Canyon. The swirls of different shades of orange and brown, mixed together, create stationary, smooth, waves. The waves were really impressive. The canyon has a tinge of femininity and a beauty that is indescribable.

The tour took about an hour. As you might expect, we had to climb another ladder to get out. (the exit and the entrance are not the same though unlike Upper Antelope Canyon). I was really pleased about how our long week in Arizona started. If this majestic canyon was the start of our trip, I couldn’t wait to see what else Arizona had to offer.

Things To Do In Page AZ: Horseshoe Bend

We arrived at the Horseshoe Bend trailhead just before sunrise. Even though it was dark and early, several cars were already parked in the lot and we could see people making their way to the bend. The 1.25 miles round trip was easy and relatively flat. The scenic area was crowded but not too crowded to where we couldn’t find a good spot.

One of my favorite aspects of traveling is experiencing and capturing a perfect sunrise or sunset. Before arriving at Arizona, I researched the best times to capture photos of Horseshoe Bend. The majority of feedback I found was that capturing good pictures of Horseshoe Bend at sunset can be difficult. When the sun sets, the sun is sending its glares directly in front of you, making it difficult to capture the colors of the canyon. We agreed with the suggestions and decided to pursue pictures at sunrise.

Sadly the morning we were at the bend, the clouds were stubborn and did not want to work with us. The clouds blocked the rising sun’s radiant colors, leaving us with grey dull colors. I was a little disappointed, but, I was happy to be able to experience Horseshoe Bend.

Overall, Horseshoe Bend gives a unique landscape one will not experience anywhere else in the world. Not only is it a fantastic view, it is located just off the main highway, making it easy and convenient from the city of Page. The conveniences, ease, and breathtaking view, Horseshoe Bend is a no-brainer for any traveler visiting Arizona.

Things To Do In Page AZ: Upper Antelope Canyon

The next morning we woke up to a surprise cold front. The temperature dropped 30 degrees (Fahrenheit). The unexpected cold weather did not sit well as I was still trying to get over the flu. But, nothing was going to stop me from seeing Upper Antelope Canyon!

I was so fascinated with Lower Antelope Canyon, I thought Upper Antelope Canyon wouldn’t even come close to comparing to Lower. I even believed it will likely be a waste of time. Frankly, I think it was the flu talking in the my head. Rational me would have never thought this. But I pushed through my sickness and the cold, windy weather and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Upper Antelope Canyon.

Upper Antelope felt dark, shrouded, and mysterious. The different aesthetics and vibe were due to the top of the canyon being much narrower than Lower Antelope. Because of the narrow top, certain times of the years and time of the day creates famous light beams in the canyon. But sadly, since we were not there in the summer, the famous light beams were not created. I booked the tour in the offseason, during their peak hours in hopes of seeing the beams. Sadly, my decision was a mistake because it was more expensive and likely more crowded than usual. If you are going in the offseason, make sure not to get a slot time around 10am-1pm.

The bottom area of the canyon (where we were walking) is much wider than the top of the canyon. The canyon was fairly crowded proving it hard to get a picture without a random person in it. But, Jameson and I have become experts on finding windows where people are not in shots, so we were able to get the picture below very quickly.

Upper Antelope Canyon is much more accessible than the Lower Antelope Canyon. One does not have to climb down/up steep steps and ladders and the walk was very easy. To all my ladies that want to dress cute, you can easily wear a cute dress in the summer 😉 (given that the weather is ok). Do note, a substantial amount of sand continuously fell on our heads though, so my cute pink hat came in handy. Also, once we got through the canyon, we had to walk all the way back through to arrive where we initially entered. Because of all of the other tourists, there were several times when we had to move out of the way to make room for the people leaving.

Upper Antelope had a mystical, dark vibe to it. But, sadly you could only get these feelings up to a certain degree with the number of people in the canyon. There are always arguments on which canyon is better (Upper or Lower) and as of right now I choose Lower. But, I also didn’t get to experience Upper in the summer when the canyon is at its best.

Things To Do In Page AZ: Lake Powell

What I loved most about our hotel was how close it was to Lake Powell. An hour before sunset, we decided to take a stroll and find a perfect spot to enjoy the sunset. We walked around the manmade lake’s shores and took in the breathtaking buttes. The buttes were white with a hint of oranges and pinks. They were a great contrast to the blue lake waters. After all the activities during the day, it was nice to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunset.

While we were wandering, we kept on looking at the clouds. The sun was sadly starting to be blocked out once again by the clouds. We waited for the clouds to move but they wouldn’t budge! Eventually, it was getting a little too chilly and we were about to leave, but, luckily the clouds moved out of the way and created a flaming orange glow on the buttes.

Things To Do In Page AZ: Water Holes Canyon

Water Holes Canyon is a nice, unknown gem to experience slot canyons without the crowds. You can experience this canyon by getting a tour guide.

The beginning of the hike, there was no shade and even though it was the beginning of March, it was surprisingly warm. Be sure to bring plenty of water regardless of whatever season you visit the canyon in, especially if you hike it in the summer.

When we got to the shaded area of the hike, it was substantially more comfortable. The canyons were a relief from the hot sun beating down on us. We were quickly rewarded with gorgeous shapes that comprise of the Water Holes Canyon. The canyon had a red, dark, rose tint. We were in awe of the colors and wanted to take pictures of every crevice and corner.

It was enjoyable to have this canyon mostly to ourselves. Only a few people were on the trail but since we were spaced out, we rarely came across other travelers. The lack of other travelers allowed us to be able to enjoy this place to its fullest.


I was extremely grateful that Page was the first stop of our long week vacation. The vibrant orange-red colors of all the canyons really made for beautiful photography. All of our destinations were convenient and easy to get to. Even with my sickness, I was very comfortable and was exerted more than I should have been. It was perfect!

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