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Top Four Places to Watch the Leaves Change in Northern Arizona

1. Flagstaff

One of the best places to witness the leaves changing in Arizona is none other than Flagstaff, Arizona. The Coconino National Forest is vibrant and colorful this time of year. One spot in particular that we would recommend is Lockett Meadow, located at the Inner Basin of the San Francisco Peaks. Although Lockett Meadow can be quite busy in the fall, it is nonetheless a spectacular sight to see and worth the trip! Make sure to bring your camera or camera phone with you!

Click on the link to read more about Lockett Meadow!

2. Prescott

The next stop on the list is Prescott. The Prescott National Forest has a great variety of trees such as ash, maple, oaks, cottonwoods, aspen, poplars, etc. This diversity makes for a unique experience for any adventurer seeking a colorful fall landscape. Hikers usually choose Prescott trails for this very reason. Some of the spots we recommend are Lynx Lake, the Prescott Courthouse, and Goldwater Lake. We also suggest the Groom Creek Loop Trail (#307) for anyone looking to hike and enjoy gorgeous lookouts as they drive to the trailhead.

Hike the Trail:

3. Sedona

Next up is Sedona, AZ. There are multiple places in Sedona to witness the autumn leaves changing. One great location is the West Fork Trail, situated in Oak Creek Canyon. Not only is it considered to be one of the top ten trails in the United States, but what makes it stand out is the variety of trees and assortment of different colors. Another place in Sedona is the Aspen Nature Loop, where people often fall in love with the aspens. Hikers usually visit in November and the aspens never fail to disappoint. We think you will find these spots to be worthwhile and quite mesmerizing!

Learn more about West Fork Trail:

4. Williams

In Williams, the most famous hiking trail for seeing the leaves change is the Bill William Mountain Trail. This hike is about 7.65 miles round trip, but every moment is full of imagination and exploration. With the view of the town beneath it, this spot is a special one for the hikers who usually visit in mid October to view the breathtaking fall scenery. Between these options, you are sure to enjoy this season’s vibrant changing leaves. Enjoy!

More about Williams, AZ:

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