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Featured Swimming Spot of the Week - Salome Creek

While many businesses, restaurants, and activity spots are not operating, it can feel like there is nothing to do this summer. This however, is not entirely true. Northern Arizona, best known for its weather and geography, is hands-down one of the best vacation spots out there. We have cherry-picked from a pool of options in the North of Arizona, a few places for you to go, swim, and relax. Here is what the Grand Canyon State has to offer you!

Salome Creek (The Jug) Canyon, AZ — On Rope Canyoneering

Photo: Salome Creek (The Jug) Canyon, AZ — On Rope Canyoneering,

Salome Creek - In the heart of central Arizona is a watercourse in the Salome Wilderness. It is a peaceful river amid rocky plateaus. Salome Creek has a 1400 years old history. Some of its rocks have been exposed to watersheds for a very long time. The best thing about Salome Creek is that in order to reach your destination, you trail through the Jug Trail –just google pictures of it and you’ll see why we are fans! Salome Creek is a must if you are from Northern Arizona, or visiting this summer.

Know before you go:

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