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Featured Swimming Spot of the Week - Lake Mohave

While many businesses, restaurants, and activity spots are not operating, it can feel like there is nothing to do this summer. This however, is not entirely true. Northern Arizona, best known for its weather and geography, is hands-down one of the best vacation spots out there. We have cherry-picked from a pool of options in the North of Arizona, a few places for you to go, swim, and relax. Here is what the Grand Canyon State has to offer you!

This week, we are talking about Lake Mohave, a water reservoir located near the Bullhead city area of Arizona State. Lake Mohave is a cold water lake with breathtaking scenery. This beautiful reservoir on the Colorado River allows you to swim, boat, and fish. A perfect place to make your dream of riding a jet ski come true. Moreover, an ideal family trip during the summer has to have Lake Mohave in the bucket list.

Learn more about hours, pricing and things to do:

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