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All You Need to Know About Sedona

Sedona is one of the most visually stunning destinations of the United States. This place is known as a spiritual center with a number of energy vortexes around the surrounding hills and valleys. Apart from the spiritual offerings, this place is fully loaded with several attractions for its visitors from hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking to the dirt jeep drives through scenic architecture. It offers mind weather year round with a dark sky community where you can have the best stargazing experience of your life.

History & Location:

Sedona is located in the upper Sonoran desert of Northern Arizona at an elevation of 4500 feet (1.37 kilometers) from the sea level. Archaeologists claim that first settlers in the area were Native American cave dwellers who colonized the caves in and around Sedona; which means Sedona’s history dates back around 10,000 years. They connect their claim with the structures built by Sinagua, Anasazi, Monezuma’s Castle and Casa Grande Ruins as an excellent vivid example. However, it was then abandoned, and researchers have yet to understand why.

The history of Sedona dictates that Europeans settled in this place for farming and in search of rich Indian mines. Sedona began as a small, remote ranching area in 1876 when it’s first permanent settler. John James Thompson cringed in Oak Creek Canyon. In 1902, Mr. Theodore Schnebly was approved as a postal station officer, who named it Sedona, after his wife Sedona Miller Schnebly (1877-1950) for her hospitality and industriousness. The town was officially declared in 1988.

Sedona is ideally situated to be accessible from various large cities. The City of Phoenix lies 114 miles to the South of Sedona, Las Vegas is approximately 278 miles to the Northwest, Los Angeles is 482 miles to the West and The Grand Canyon is 110 miles away to the North of Sedona.

Attractions of Sedona:

The town of Sedona nestles in the mouth of spectacular Oak creek Canyon. It unfolds across a landscape of rising red columns of rocks and fully blankets by a lush forest with a magical stream flowing through the heart of site. It is a truly a gift of nature to revitalize the souls breathing in urban and mechanized environment of the United States.

The weather of Sedona is pleasantly mild – especially in the fall and winter months since snow is scarce and traveling across the city doesn’t require a lot of planning. Even if you aren’t seeking adventure, the fresh and bright territory of Sedona will excite you. You will feel leave feeling rejuvenated. All About Sedona is a helpful resource to utilize when planning your trip to Sedona – especially if you’re traveling with your family! Here are some family-friendly activities to check out when you’re in the area.

Adventure in Sedona:

This local area carries a ton of secrets waiting to be discovered and felt. A top spot for fall foliage, a hike around the gigantic red rocks layered up of nine different types of stones perfectly tells visitors about the history and warmth of Sedona’s history. They keep you intrigued with a brilliant blue sky overhead in daytime and a star-studded canvas in nights.

The first outdoor activity that plunges you into the heart of Sedona is a hike. Canyon hikes are relatively flat trails with less than 3 miles. This makes it possible for most people to complete them and enjoy the sense of achievement that comes with conquering the towering cliffs throughout the hike. All these hiking trails offer plenty of opportunities to experience wildlife.

While most recommend starting hikes in the morning so you have the maximum amount of time to explore, Sedona also has some of the best sunsets as the mighty sun spreads a thousand of different colors in the red cliffs. So, whatever time you decide for hike; make sure you’re there for one of the two for this timeless life experience.

In addition to yoga hikes, Sedona offers Jeep rides, kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, helicopter tours and hot air balloons expeditions around the scenic geography. Traveling, shopping and eating are also affordable activities for every guest visiting Sedona.

You can get a 5-star hotel in a price of a 3-star hotel. The only problem you may encounter is crowds and parking at the hiking trails and base camps.

Energy Vortexes:

The landscape of Sedona is believed to have positive energy releasing vortexes. It provides soul awakening vortexes and natural healing spots along with it’s healthy selection of hikes.

Sedona cliffs are considered some of the best locations for yoga retreats; they are most energy releasing cliffs of the world. You will find amazing healing properties and spiritual awakening environments in the cliffs of the deep red rocks. Even if you are not looking for it, still you’ll be gifted with rejuvenation and peace in your mood, soul and body.

Popular Destinations in Sedona:

1. Cathedral Rock: Cathedral Rock is one of the most photographic venues of the City of Sedona. It is near the shoreline of the Pedregosa Sea. Hiking Cathedral Rock is a short but steep climb coming in at around a mile with approximately 551 feet of elevation gain. It is challenging, no doubt, but the view of Sedona from the plateau is breathtaking and definitely worth the effort.

2. Uptown Sedona: This is the old part of the town where you will find plenty of restaurants, tourist shops, galleries, museums and boutiques all in one place. The ambiance is good, quality is assured, and restaurants have plenty of space for crows of visitors.

3. Oak Creek Canyon: A road surrounded by rock formations, towering cliffs and deep forests, Oak Creek Canyon will keep your eyes enchanted with every turn of the road.

4. Chapel of the Holy Cross: This place is most commonly known as a venue to get married in. The chapel is dramatically perched on a small mesa of red-rock cliff. If you’re single and planning an expedition to Sedona, bring your girl along to make your proposal a little memorable moment of you both. And if you’re married, then re-alive your bonds by proposing her again on this marriage spot!

5. Bell Rock: This point is near the Oak Creek village. A bell-shaped rock formation captivates the viewers’ attention to explore and photograph the scenic architect of the cliff. It can either be hiked or mountain biked to reach the top.

6. Boynton Canyon: The most common reason people visit the Boynton Canyon is its out and back 6.1 mile trail. This hike through the rocks creates a beautiful contrast of color between the mix of vegetation, large pine trees, and shrubs from beginning to end. Additionally, Boynton Canyon has the easiest, most accessible energy vortex for everyone. Since most energy vortexes require a hike, this short walk near the starting point of the trail is perfect for the whole family.

7. Slide Rock State Park: While visited most commonly in the summer because of the rock pools, Oak Creek waters still flow during the Fall months. These waterfalls create a space for natural water slides for tourists to cool down after exploring.

Final Verdict:

Sedona has a great way of calling you back over and again. First, it pulls you out for a refreshed start, then for a closer look, and finally you will find yourself running back to have a deeper look than before. Sedona brings your best physical, spiritual, and mental health.

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