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Find Family Fun in Sedona, Arizona

When someone says vacation, most people automatically think of being outside, eating out at a nice restaurant, or simply relaxing. In an age when busier is always better until you barely have room to breathe, the idea of taking a vacation can feel both impossible and crucial. In the end, downtime is important not only for our sanity, but for our physical health as well. How much rest you get will make or break your attention span, your skin complexion, and your overall energy levels. So vacations are important, but setting aside the time to do nothing is easier said than done. There are hotel rooms to book, tours to research, and restaurant reviews to read. And, on top of all that, many of us have kids. Children make vacation planning a logistical nightmare. Being out in nature is great until someone has to pee, nice restaurants are amazing until the appetizers end up on the floor, and simple relaxing is a completely foreign concept to a high-energy six year old.

Photo by Sedona Real Inn Suites

Location is everything when it comes to vacationing with kids. Some places are amazingly accessible to children; other places are nightmarish. Sedona’s most famous attractions are not necessarily child-friendly; not all kids enjoy nature hikes. However, there are many things to do in Sedona that are fun for both parents and kids. There are also quite a few family friendly restaurants in Sedona and the Oak Creek Canyon area.

One of Sedona’s most popular tourist adventures is also surprisingly family-friendly. Outdoor Jeep tours are both educational and fun for you and your children. The Pink Jeep tours in particular has an age limit of only a year and a half for safety. While it is still up to you to not force your child out of their comfort zone, many kids will enjoy a bumpy adventure through the desert. Another popular location for both tourists and local children is Slide Rock State Park. This state park is full of the hiking trails and gorgeous red rock scenery that Sedona is known for, but it all features an amazing river for kids to play in. The park is named for a specific section of the river, where the slick rocks make for a perfect mini water slide. They also offer a Junior Ranger program for older kids looking to learn about nature.

After a long day of fun, food is key to keeping small bodies happy. The Sedona Memories Bakery and Cafe is known for healthy quick dining. Their large sandwiches range from roast beef to vegetarian and are more than enough for multiple mouths. An outdoor dining area is available and perfect for louder, squirmier little ones. Don’t forget to try one of their giant cookies too! For dinner, check out the Cowboy Club. Their simple fare and casual setting is perfect for families looking for a hearty meal after a long day.

There is far too much to see in Sedona in a single day; weekends are often the best time to check out Sedona’s highlights.

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