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Exploring the Central and Northern Parts of Arizona

Sedona may well be the most visited city in Central Arizona, but there is even more to do in the surrounding area. The Southwest has tons of exciting landscapes, cities, and events for people to visit. The Southwest Inn at Sedona is well located to be a base camp as you see everything Arizona has to offer. Here is a list of some of the top tourist areas around Sedona:


Only 35 minutes away is the town of Jerome. Jerome is not only know for breathtaking scenery, but also bustling hippie culture and historical sites. The state park is popular, as well as the Gold King Mine. What was once a bustling mine is now a ghost town attraction complete with decorative old autos.


An hour away is the city of Flagstaff. The city is larger than most of the surrounding towns and therefore is known for a more bustling nightlife and life music scene. There are many different events, either officially hosted by the city or by restaurants or bars. Natural beauty is also easy to find in the Greater Flagstaff areas. There are day hikes for all skill levels.


The historic town of Prescott is an hour and a half away. Whiskey Row is known for being full of good food and tons of history. The town center is the Courthouse. Spend an afternoon under the giant trees in the Courthouse Plaza or visit one of the many small museums in the town. Prescott is also home to three different colleges: Yavapai, Prescott, and Embry Riddle. The latter is an aeronautical school and, depending on the time of year, all three usually provide tours of their campuses.

The Grand Canyon:

The Grand Canyon itself is only 2 hours away. If you get an early start in the morning, you can easily see so many things. There is so much than you could hope to see in one day but you can always try! If you are feeling adventurous, you could try to hike down part of the canyon itself. However, be aware that it is not recommended to attempt to hike all the way down the base and back in one day. There is plenty of camping in the area for a family looking to spend a little more time at the Canyon.

The next time you visit Sedona, make sure you plan out a few extra days to adventure around the surrounding areas. The front desk will also have suggestions of places to go outside of Sedona proper.

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