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10 Best Hikes with Amazing Scenery this Winter

The colorful landscape that Arizona provides makes itself the perfect state for hiking during any season. If you are looking to explore further and view incredible landscapes, then the trails in Northern Arizona are perfect for a hiker this winter. You will be amazed to see the lively sceneries in Arizona while experiencing nature at its finest. From easy to strenuous hikes, there is an adventure for every skill level on these trails. Luckily, we found the ten best hikes with amazing scenery this winter!

1. Sandy Seep Trailhead:

This 2.7-mile hike is on the eastern slope of Mount Elden near Flagstaff. It is an amazing spot for hiking in winter, and you can enjoy recreations such as running and mountain biking through the woods and mountainous inclines. This trailhead is a perfect place to enjoy nature far away from the hassle of city life. This trail allows you to enjoy the open grasslands full of pines and is great for all skill levels. Make sure to visit back in the spring to experience the beautiful wildflowers too!

2. Fatmans Loop:

Fatmans Loop is located on the eastern side of Flagstaff, where you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the city during the winter. Only a 2.4-mile moderate hike, trekkers can experience steep climbs with a 561 ft elevation gain with rocky sections. Dogs are welcome here as well but must remain on a leash.

3. Fisher Point:

Fisher Point, a 7.9-mile hike, located near Flagstaff. This trail is one of the more well-known destinations where hikers can enjoy their journey by crossing the dense pine trees and winding paths full of wildlife. Hikers admire the beauty of nature when they get a chance to explore this wonderful place.

4. Buffalo Park:

With amazing views of Mount Elden and Mt. Humphreys, hikers of all skill levels can enjoy this trail. The 2.2-mile route is well maintained to where visitors can take wheelchairs, strollers, and bikes through the trail. This is an ideal location for views of wildlife, photography, and even nighttime stargazing.

5. Red Mountain Trail:

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, then the red mountain trail is a wonderful place to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is located approximately 25 miles away from Flagstaff, where hikers can enjoy this place after crossing the sparse forests and inclines. The hikers will have an unforgettable experience on this 2.7-mile trail.

6. Campbell Mesa Loop System:

The Campbell Mesa Loop System is located on the East side of Flagstaff and includes five different trails: Continental, Anasazi, Sinagua, Walnut Meadows, and Campbell Mesa Loops. Each trail provides hikers with a wide variety of seasonal flowers, birdlife, and other wildlife sightings. Views of Mount Elden, Anderson mesa and Mormon Mountain bring back trekkers time after time.

7. Cathedral Rock:

At only a 1.2-mile hike, Cathedral Rock trail is located near Sedona and offers scenic beauty to visitors. Hikers can enjoy the naturally occurring red rock formations at this location. Classified as a more difficult hike, trekkers must be prepared to take this on but the views at the top are well worth it!

8. Devil's Bridge:

This is one of the best hikes with breathtaking views of the red rock country that we know as Sedona. As the largest natural sandstone arch, this trail is 3.9-miles with a trailhead elevation of 4,600 feet. This trail attracts visitors from all over from the casual hiker or the more adventurous outdoor enthusiast.

9. Shoshone Point:

Trekkers looking for beautiful sceneries of the Grand Canyon must try hiking the Shoshone Point. This trail is a unique tourist attraction and is very less crowded, which gives you personal time to relax and enjoy this place. You can enjoy walking through the pine trees and exploring nature through this 2.1-mile venture.

10. SP Crater:

SP Crater is located near Flagstaff and offers some of the best scenic views. Rated as a moderate steep climb, visitors can enjoy this trip into nature during their 2.9-mile hike. Amazing views of the San Francisco Volcanic Field makes for a great hike for anyone with interests in volcanoes and amazing scenery.


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